2017: Don’t Talk About It, Be About It


If you are reading this, it means you made it.


You made it through 2016, when the world lost it’s damn mind (again), and our childhood heros, folks we looked up to, or who inspired us to be better, peaced out.

So here you are, you wondrous creature.

Somehow, when the world beat you down with its ignorance, and stupidity, and your heart dropped , stopped, and shattered what felt like a billion times, still, it beats, and still, here YOU are.

So….now what?

Well, it’s that magical time at the end of a year, where we look back, and then look forward with power, and intent to start fresh, clean the slate, turn to a new page.

(Secret: you actually have this ‘restart’ power every day, but hey, January 1, 2017 is a good place to start, too 😉 )

Whether your goal is fitness, business, personal, or world domination related, to DO IT, you need a plan.

You also need need to be brave.


Change, real change, can be a little scary.


Stepping outside yourself, being awkward, uncomfortable, feeling the feels.

It’s tough to feel the fear, and do it anyways…

But maybe if we re-frame ‘fear’ as ‘excitement’, ‘anticipation’, we could better embrace it, and embark on our journey to change with gusto.


Something we tend to lose sight of when things get tough on our journey, is that if we do decide to pursue a New Year’s resolution, DO THAT, stick with your plan for 1 full year.


Not 2 days, deem it too hard, and give up.

Not 2 months, lose motivation, and say, “next year”.

If you truly want to commit to bettering yourself in some way, give it the entire year.


It will be tough, there will be days you don’t want to do it, but guess what?

Its OK for it to be tough, its OK for it to suck, and some days you may want to pout, but you still gotta put on your big kid pants, and DO THAT SHIT.

…with some humour.


So, with love, here are some tips on how to lay out some safe, sane, and rational 2017 goals.

  1. Write your goal down, then say them out loud. It is easy to write down all the things, then do none of the things. Saying your goals out loud can help you determine if this in fact doable. How do you feel when you say the words? Excited to pursue, or paralyzed? Reflect, and take your time feeling this one out.
  2. Break it down into steps. No matter how small, break down your goal into bite size actions, and focus on those small actions daily.
  3. Take action. Don’t talk about doing it, actually go out, and do that shit.
  4. Invest in Coaching. Trying to go through the process of change alone can be challenging. Bouncing things off a Coach, supportive friend, or community can help. Having someone hold you accountable to the plan you laid out, and give you feedback when you stumble, can make all the difference. Think of it as having a Guide on your goal path.
  5. Enjoy the process


If you are looking for some Coaching with your fitness, nutrition, or business goals, Iron Lion Training Inc. can help!

Iron Lion Training Inc. is a gym environment,  in which all bodies, abilities, ages, and stages of life are welcomed.

It is also about  a Coaching philosophy of  balance, strength, simplicity, and community.

Our main objective is to help people move better, feel better, and live better.

We encourage you to ‘FIND YOUR POWER IN THE PRIDE‘ a.k.a. The Iron Lioness Movement, which is focused on the health and wellness of women, and children.

It is important for women to have a safe space to explore their strength, and be unapologetically strong, and confident in their own skin, so we’ve created a space for them to do that.

With middle fingers up to the multi billion dollar fitness industry, we give women an alternative to be more, and do more.

PL Team & Friends PRty

PL Team & Friends PRty

If you are ready for change, and need a little help,  find us here: info@ironliontraining.ca

With discounts, and savings until January 6th, 2017, now is a great time to get started.


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