Product Review: Genuine Health’s BCAA+Creatine


Let’s me start by stating Supplements aren’t necessary for everyone, and aren’t intended to ‘replace’ real food. Before taking a supplement it is important to ask yourself:

“Which physiological system do I hope to target with this nutritional supplement, and do I need to target said system”

Genuine’s Health new BCAA+Creatine aids in recovery, and performance efforts, which are critical in balancing high intensity training, work, and everyday life.


Whether it’s from mental stress or physical exertion, your body needs time (like, 7 hours of sleep) and nutrients in order to rebuild and rejuvenate.

Recovery is incredibly important. Without proper sleep, you have the physical and mental capacity of a zombie. (And you’d eventually end up looking like one, too.) Without proper nutrition and adequate water, you don’t have enough “raw materials” to help you function at your best.


What are BCAAs?

BCAA stands for branched chain amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. And proteins are essential to nearly every body function.

There are 22 standard amino acids, 9 of which we have to get through our diet. These 9 are called essential amino acids. The three main aminos found in BCAA supplements are leucine, valine, and isoleucine. (Some BCAA formulas will include others like glutamine.)


It’s important to realize that when you’re exercising, your muscles are being “broken down.”

While a high-quality BCAA supplement doesn’t prevent muscle tissue breakdown (that’s actually important in the process of getting stronger and more fit), it does help support our exercise demands while speeding up our muscle recovery from exercise. Some research even shows that BCAA use can help us drop body fat. 

Why Creatine?

Creatine targets the ATP-PCr energy system and can also help to increase lean body mass by improving the body’s work capacity. If you are training hard, looking to add lean mass, perform at high intensity, ATP-PCr-dependent exercise bouts, creatine may be a useful supplement for you.

There are many research reviews on the safety and efficacy of creative supplements for certain goals. In fact, one paper indexed at (the world’s largest freely available medical database) reviews over 500 research studies evaluating the effects of creatine supplements on muscle physiology and/or exercise capacity in healthy, trained, and various diseased populations. It also discusses the 300 studies that have evaluated the potential performance value of creatine supplementation. Interestingly about 70% of these studies show statistically significant positive results with creatine supplementation while 30% show no performance improvements. Further, safety reviews show that creatine is safe and well tolerated in the vast majority of the individuals studied.

Genuine Health’s BCAA+Creatine


I would give this product a 4 out of 5 stars, and here’s why. I love the ingredients, the convenience of BCAAs being pre mixed with creatine (in the past I usually purchased creatine separately, and added), and how this helps with my recovery. This product loses a point for taste – if you a familiar with similar products, this tastes like BCAAs and Creatine – gritty, and bitter. I added a lemon wedge to help, but my face still did this:


However, outside of the point lost for taste, and the incredibly sexy face above, this product allows me to do this:


Learn, do, teach.

All in all, an excellent product that helps keep me strong, recovering, and getting through my busy training sessions, and Coaching/Teaching.

To learn more about Genuine Health and their product visit:


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