Gonna Say This Loud – I’m BACK and I’m PROUD


On Sunday, February 8th, 2015 I fought in Boxing Ontario’s Brampton Cup – Women’s Elite Novice Finals.

This was my first tournament back from my Achilles Rupture/surgery in March 2014. After my surgery, the Surgeon estimated 12-18months before I could begin Boxing training….

I won the 2015 Brampton Cup, 11 months later.

2015 Brampton Cup Champion, with Coach Tony Wallace

2015 Brampton Cup Champion, with Coach Tony Wallace

This was the result of determination, HARD WORK, and an incredibly supportive community that helped me every ‘new’ step of the way.


Grateful for Community Support, and the support of my Fiance, Coach, best friend, and partner Coach Ron

Competition allows me to see and experience the holes in my game, and go back to the lab and work on them.

I want to give a big shout out to my opponent, Sydney from Sully’s Boxing Gym – Thank you for the opportunity to showcase my skills, and reveal the elements that need work.

Sydney is a new Boxer with only 1 fight, and I think it was madd cool of her to get into the ring with me. Her movement was excellent.

Unanimous victory, scoring 2 standing 8s in the 3rd round.

Unanimous victory, scoring 2 standing 8s in the 3rd round.

Thank you to my clients, and students – Training you, helps make me better.


Boxing 101 @GoodLife Bathurst/Richmond

Boxing 101 @GoodLife Bathurst/Richmond

I am proud of myself for getting back to it as quickly as I did. Proud to represent my Coach’s teachings, and my Team – Battle Arts BOMB SQUAD.

My game needs work, and I’m looking forward to chipping away at it.

This was my 9th Boxing fight, 1 more and I will be an open class competitor. It is important to tighten up my game, as open class is a different level of fighter, and I want to be able to hang. I fought this fight heavier than I would have liked (75kg), so I will also be working on being more disciplined with my nutrition, and rest to work my way down to 70kg. I have noticed 10 pounds can make a huge difference in movement.

What an amazing experience! Back to the lab….

One of my clients gave me a bottle of Bourbon, with explicit instructions to only drink it if I won….

Well good thing I got this here fancy, pimpin’ cup to drink it out of Β πŸ˜‰



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