Ready, Set…..WAIT! Power in Patience


As some of you are aware, earlier this year I suffered a devastating injury.

On March 19th, I ruptured my left achilles tendon, and underwent surgery on March 26th, 2014 to repair it – exactly 8 months today…

Let that sink in for a minute.

Now, the estimated recovery time was outlined as 5-6 months before I would walk without the aid of crutches, and 12-18 months before I could spar.

Terrified, I made a decision. Determined to not only come back, I decided I would come back faster than anticipated, AND better than ever.

Humbled, left with ‘pieces’ of a dream to compete at a high level, the first lesson I learned was to ask for help.

Not just help from anyone, help from positive people who had experience, and success overcoming what I was now facing.

Positive. Experience. Success.

So, not only did I learn the importance of asking for help, but also who I would accept help from.

It’s amazing how many people who don’t know shit, about shit, want to tell you how things are gonna work for you. These people want to offer you unsolicited advice, or stories on how your journey will play out.


I had a goal, it required a lot of work, but I knew with quality work, I could reach my goal.

Quality work.

Another lesson, embracing the opposite of what I did to the point of injury.

Let me clarify, while I have done quality work in the past, I have also done a large quantity of work – road work, technical work, sparring, bag work, strength and conditioning. As soon as I began walking and rehab  in June, I had to get back to it, but what I could do was limited.

I had to adapt to do more quality work, with less physical ability. June and July I tested what I could do, and noted what I couldn’t, or what produced flare ups (swelling of the tendon due to stress/overuse). In September I began sparring, 6 months post op….

Again, let that sink in for a moment…

I did what I could, how I could, and noted what needed work. Kettlebells became an amazing tool in my rehabilitation, so much so, that I pursued, and achieved certification in October, 7 months post op….

Coach Tony Wallace -

Coach Tony Wallace –


This month, I went down in weight in preparation to fight in The Bronze Gloves tournament November 29-30th. I was set to fight at 155lbs, unfortunately, there were no competitors in my weight category. Next tournament opportunity, February 2015.

Here’s the thing, I was ready, willing, and able to compete this weekend – 8 months post op.

While I’d like to think its because I’m special, and/or superhuman, sadly that is not the case.

I was able to be where I am now by:

  • -asking for help from positive people, with experience, and success overcoming a similar challenge
  • -a set of blinders for the haters – the people who fear what I’ve set out to achieve
  • -embracing doing the opposite
  • -patience


I will what I want.

I am resilient.

I am powerful.

To the ones who didn’t believe that, or in me, thank you – you helped with my motivation.

To the ones that did, thanks for believing in me – I couldn’t have pulled this off without you.

The best is yet to come.

Here is some motivation from Sponsor, Supporter, and Friend – Nate Bower, of Bower Boxing, and Nate Bower Fitness.



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