Iron Lioness Injury Report

Back from my ultra sound, which showed a full Achilles tendon tear, rather than a partial as initially diagnosed. Surgery to re-attach is scheduled for this Wednesday.
I had been ‘planning’ to take some time off, as I currently work and/or train everyday. So here I was, ‘planning’, and LIFE said..
I’m not going to over analyze the should have, could have, or would haves – HOLY SHIT I’M INJURED! I thought for sure I was invincible…
Still haunting me is the sound the tear made when it ruptured – POP *shudder
This sucks, however I’ve decided to focus on healing, and coming back stronger. In being forced to slow down, I know there lies an opportunity to learn, and grow, at least I hope there is. Doing my best to be brave, and remain positive – I’ve had a few ‘moments’, but I’m determined to stay positive, and move forward.
Look out world, I got my Big Girl panties on, and an air boot – LIKE A BOSS!
I am very grateful to my colleagues who handled the injury swiftly. I am grateful for my amazing fiance who met me at the hospital, and has been by my side every hobble of the way. I am grateful for the words of encouragement, positive vibes, and PRAYERS friends, and family have taken the time to text, FB, msg, and call. I am grateful for the time to rest, heal, and deal – it is not what I had in mind, but it will do.
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