I AM IRON LIONESS: The Battle on the Legion Grounds II, and The Power of The Pride

Every Boxing competition/bout brings to light areas of training that require extra attention or work – or at least for me it does. Even when I win, I tend to focus on the things I did poorly, versus the things I did well. There was no exception at this past Saturday’s Boxing event in Etobicoke.
I’m getting better at allowing myself time to celebrate a victory – Watching the tape, and forcing myself to pick out what was executed well, what I liked about how I performed, and letting that ‘simmer’ before I start back on the constant road of self-improvement – this is a process.
This most recent bout was interesting in that I was the shorter Fighter. The game plan was to be aggressive, hit hard, force her back, attempt to get the standing 8 (in amateur Boxing, 4 standing 8s results in a stoppage similar to a technical knock out, but called a Referee stoppage due to safety). I haven’t been training as much as I typically do, and am heavier than I normally fight (I tend to walk around at 155lb, but with less time to train, and not getting proper road work in, I’m up to 164lbs) so this ‘style’ was new, but my Coach(s) were clear in what the game plan was – work my strengths, use my power, and it was successful with a unanimous victory.
Generally, you automatically pick up a certain style. That style will depend on many things including skill, quickness, aggression, ability to take a punch, and personality. Some boxing styles are swarmer (or crowder), slugger (or brawler), boxer, and boxer-puncher. Saturday I took on a slugger/swarmer style, but I want to grow into being a solid boxer-puncher.
For more info on the different styles of Boxers, here is an article I found which has clear explanations, with pro examples:
My cardio wasn’t where is should be, but my power felt good – I was able to land some pretty telling blows, and knock my opponent back with stiff jabs, and sharp crosses. I threw alot of looping hooks that went unanswered, and continuously landed, so I kept throwing them. It wasn’t my ‘prettiest’ bout, but I stuck to the game plan, adapted to who was in front of me, and won based on the rules of the 10 point must system, which has replaced the ‘clicker’ scoring system.
For more information on the 10 point must scoring system, you can check out this article:
Rest and recovery were pivotal during this short training camp, as I had been working long hours, and not sleeping as much as I needed. I want to give a shout out to Ascenta, and Genuine Health: NutraSea Fish Oil, and GH’s ActiveFuel+, ActiveRecover+, and Protein+ bars ensured I got what I needed to get through my training, recover, and rise to train again.
I owe this victory to a great team in the gym, at my workplace, in my home, and my community – all these groups of people came together in a powerful way that produced an effect greater than what I could muster on my own.
I am lifted, and humbled by training and sparring partners that are better than me, and honest with what I need to work on – there is always someone bigger, better, and stronger out there, and my team is great at providing different stimulus, and styles to prepare against – Team Undisputed AKA House of Champions. My team at work encouraged me every step of the way, helping me through workouts I would try to squeeze in between clients – GoodLife Bathurst/Richmond represent! My patient, loving fiance, and business partner, Ron Dykstra who always keeps me grounded, calm, and strong. Special thanks to my Community – students, sponsors, Mentors and friends who motivate me and inspire me to do my very best every day.
Boxing is a tough sport, I am blessed to be surrounded by people who support my drive to train and compete at a high level, accept me for me, and encourage me to do the thing I love.
If you are interested in meeting an incredible group of people, and learning more about The Sweet Science in a fun, clean, and safe environment, I have good news – I will be running a 6 week Camp starting March 3rd, 2014! Details are as follows:
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