The Standing Desk


Nine years of office work caught up to me.

Or maybe it was the hamstring tear, the sacroiliac issue, the rectus femoris tightness, or the iliotibial restrictions.

One thing was certain; they had all become, literally, a pain in the ass. I had developed chronic inflammation of the sitting bones. Sounds like a joke, but it does hurt. Stop snickering!

Despite doing what I thought was a significant amount of soft tissue and mobility work, I just couldn’t outrun (pun intended) the fact that I was sitting too much and getting older.

So, I got a standing desk. Kind of but not exactly like this one:

standing desk_1


This is not revolutionary, or new. I have heard of people doing this for quite some time. This hasn’t stopped literally everyone who has seen me standing at my new desk from coming over with a funny look on their faces.

Comments have run the gamut of, “I could never do that all day!”, to “Why don’t you sit down and stay awhile?”. Ba-dum.

Here are a few notes from the first week of using a standing desk:

– My feet hurt initially and so did my lower back.

– The pain I felt when adjusting from seated to standing went away, though.

– Stand on mats, your feet will thank you! Standing can be an adjustment.

– Although it bugs me to admit it, I look forward to sitting down now! It seems like a big luxury.

When I first tried standing desks, I found it a bit tiring as well. This makes sense. The caloric expenditure of standing vs. sitting (for a 200lb person) is said to be 322 calories more burned per seven hours according to the calculation offered here.

It eventually became obvious that posture and poor movement had a significant amount to do with the discomfort I was experiencing, and that sitting aggravated the effects of poor movement.

All told, trying a standing desk was a good move. Making this change helped me discover why I was having the problem in the first place.

If you’ve thought about trying a standing desk, why not give it a go? And if you’re looking for a standing desk of your own, check out this review!

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