Transformation & Testimonial – Lucy, 32 – Toronto


I recently had the pleasure of working/training with Lucy, a 32 year old HR recruiter from Toronto.

We met in a Boxing class I was teaching – She approached me after a few classes and asked if I could train her personally.

Like most, Lucy was a bit frustrated with her fitness endeavours. She was working out 5 times/week, 1-2hours/session, and not seeing the results she was hoping for – What gives?

Lucy and I worked together for 4 months, 3/week, and rather than ramble on further, here are some photos of the results she achieved with some ‘Iron Lioness’ tuning


BEFORE – We could not zip up the dress Lucy is wearing in these photos


AFTER – Zipper is up!

Lucy lost 11lbs, and 15inches! Here is what she had to say about her Iron Lioness experience:

“I’ve had more trainers than I care to remember – the model, the TV celeb, the power lifter – (it’s almost the cast of Big Brother): I’ve gone through an impressive roster over the past few years. Steph has one major quality that differs from the others: she’s REAL. And I mean that in every sense: her no BS approach, her own experiences and her passion for having fun while training hard are qualities that are strangely hard to find when someone’s job title has PERSONAL in it. My body is effectively a temple, one that I have honed and sculp………. Oh who am I kidding. I, just like most people, have a busy life – I don’t eat as well as I could, I drink and party and basically exercise is usually the first thing to be shown the door when you have a crashing hangover on a Sunday morning. Steph gets that. She doesn’t judge me because I did flaming sambucas, came home and ate fast-food in bed. She just makes suggestions on how to choose my booze (and fast-food) more sensibly. By making small tweaks, I’ve barely noticed the changes in my lifestyle but I HAVE noticed the changes to my body. The weight didn’t come off overnight but at 32, it’s not going to – and Steph will tell you that (see? REAL). It’s come off steadily and consistently. My face has changed, I actually have a butt and while I don’t quite have the washboard abs, I have evidence of actually having abs in the first place. Oh and my back? Check out the pics baby! Ultimately I’ve seen results and I haven’t needed to live on some crazy-ass diet or do 250 crunches to get there – I have pictures charting my progress as well as measurement numbers that have gone down. As someone who used to dread seeing a trainer, I genuinely enjoy training with Steph and THAT is why I keep coming back.”


Iron Lion Training offers:

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • On-Line Coaching
  • Boxing Classes suitable for all levels


If you are feeling frustrated with your weight, energy levels, and overall health, get the support of a Pride – Get an Iron Lioness on your side! Ok, a little cheesy, but seriously, what are you waiting for? Let Iron Lion Training help you get fit, get strong, stay motivated while having fun 🙂

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