Testimonial & Transformation – Inese, 57 – Toronto


Inese, a 57 year old Designer suffered a knee injury from a Snow Shoeing accident in 2012.

After 5 months working with me on an Iron Lion training program, she feels the knee has been rehabilitated, she is more active, has MORE ENERGY and is feeling STRONG – Its not always about inches lost, than it is about what you GAIN through the right program. Here is what Inese had to say about her changes.

“I was an avid outdoors person until I hurt my knee in a fall while snowshoeing. The injury precluded even my short twenty minute walk to work. Working together with Steph, we not only rehabilitated my injury but I gained overall body strength that I hadn’t had in years. The disciplined focus she brought to our work outs resulted in a safe and secure program with no worry of further damage during the healing process. My tennis strokes now have power, while hiking I have new balance, flexibility and endurance. With Steph’s care in recording gains we were able to work together while viewing consistent and steady progress.”


Iron Lion Training offers:

  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition Counselling
  • On-Line Coaching
  • Boxing Classes suitable for all levels


It doesn’t matter where you are on your fitness journey (active, inactive, injured, confused) or what your fitness goals are JUST GET STARTED – What are you waiting for? Let Iron Lion Training help you get fit, get strong, stay motivated while having fun 🙂

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