Performing Movement – Boxing Notes


Every week I review my notes from my Coaches, and the interesting thing (for me) is how all their lessons flow together ->Coaches who guide me thru different elements of my game – Technique, S & C, and Psychology.I consider my Students Coaches as well. Teaching them, really helps solidify elements of my game that I am also working on.

This week’s lesson: Feeling, tasting, visualizing movement, rather than thinking about the movement. By paying attention to how you are moving — as you move — process takes precedence over product. The process of learning or performing movement becomes more important than the goal. Movement becomes freer when you focus on sensing the changing relationships of the moving body, not just on positions or steps. Sensing movement in your body, rather than thinking about the end goal facilitates effortless, natural, powerful movement.

Music is a tool I use to motivate my students to move, rather than think of steps. Here are a few of our bag drills:

Here is another, with guest appearance from our pup, Ellen Ripley 😉

Don’t simply go through the motions. Experience what your body is doing, take your time, don’t rush, and most importantly HAVE FUN!

~Coach Steph

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