Fitness: Get INTO it!


Today I am on a fitness media fast, meaning I am not supposed to be looking at media sources of fitness or nutritional information.

I have already cheated a whole bunch of times.

Now, I am usually pretty good at these kinds of assignments, so let me elaborate on why I haven’t been able to fully comply with this one.

I am really into fitness. Now, I know a lot of people are these days, what with Crossfit, and Insanity Workout and P90X, oh my. But I feel like, for me, it goes a bit past that. My interest, for example, predates all of those exercise styles. In fact, it predates the internet, which is where most everyone, including myself, gets their training and diet information. Now that I have carbon dated myself…

Recently Precision Nutrition hosted a big seminar in Regina, and one of the presenters, Martin Rooney, made a big impact on me. He talked about the difference between being in the fitness industry, and being INTO the fitness industry, likening it to the student who was into school, geeking out over every note and lecture, rather than the one who was just in it, coasting by.

It came to me; I really am INTO it, not just in it. I get up in the morning, and I think about it. I get lost in thought and my girlfriend will ask why I look so pensive, and the answer is almost invariably, “I was thinking about squatting”. For potty humorists, I am referring to the human pattern of movement called squatting, not the movement of the bowels, which, of course, can be an activity that promotes profound reflection. Kidding aside, I love this sh*t.

But mostly it was hard to do a fitness media fast yesterday because Steph Iron Lioness and I, with the help of our friends and community, launched the humble splash page and blog that you now see before you.

So I am going to sign off now, and honor my assignment. Thanks to everyone who made this blog and page possible, but special thanks to Steph Iron Lioness, without whom there would be no Iron Lion Training, much less a page on the internet where we can really geek out about fitness! Get INTO it!

Ron Dykstra

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