F.L.Y. – First, love yourself <3

On a recent trip, the air mask safety tip before lift off really stuck with me. If you are travelling with a Dependant, make sure to put your mask on first, before you assist them, or anyone else. Makes sense, before you can help anyone, you have to ensure you have what you need to be strong, and ALIVE for them.If you want to help others, serve others, make those around you happy, you must start with yourself.

  • Not limited to helping, but this is also about just being. How can you be a great parent, teacher, coach, partner, sister, brother ANYTHING if you make excuses not to care for YOURSELF? i.e. Sleep, eat right, reduce stress, do things for YOUR soul? Will you be great at these things if you are cranky, stressed, negative, sick etc. Sure, you can ‘get by’, but we weren’t meant to get by, we were meant to excel, and do our best. To do our best, we have to do whatever is in our power to be our best πŸ™‚

F.L.Y. – First, love yourself β™₯

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